Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Hostmonster IN Powweb OUT

Just got off the phone with powweb customer service....it was a difficult call to make as bad news always is hard to tell.

Here's the email that I wrote to powweb:

I've been with powweb 4 yrs and I had great service. The thing that I could not handle was with the transfer of ownership and the new server + restrictions. All my stuff transferred over fine but the problem began when I began to make new installations and modifications, that's when things became problematic.

Support staff have been helpful but the point is....I don't want to have to keep calling support to get things fixed. It defeats the purpose of having a product that keeps breaking and then spending time to fix it.

My problems include:

Dada mail - my main lists work but my new list just won't send out even though it says it's sending out.
confusion between mailing addresses. user@gen12.com or user@nateheng.powweb.com
It was never consistent when logging into webmail. The last straw was the new email vcrsn which i just setup. I couldn't even log into it from my offline mail reader even though i could get in via webmail.

Since my account is due for renewal, I figured it was a good time to switch as I could start with a clean slate and not have to monkey with what already worked and what didn't and then try to figure out why. Sorry, I can't afford the time to do that kind of troubleshooting.

"If it isn't broken, don't fix it"

Basically that's what happened when powweb got bought out and they upgraded their servers. Interestingly, things would probably be fine if I just joined them and started from scratch. It was nice of them to offer 2 months free service but I guess that would still mean troubleshooting. The "problem solver" in me would love to do it but I don't have the time nor energy.

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